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sleep cycle
By Pooja
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Meditation for Weight ....
By Camille Lucy
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Anapana Breathing with....
By Camille Lucy
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Self- Love & Calling I....
By Marla Martenson
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Healing meditation
By Peter Roth
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Journey to the Crystal....
By Jackie Haverty
$ 18 Buy Sample
Journey to the 5th Dim....
By Jackie Haverty
$ 18 Buy Sample
Journey Through the Ch....
By Jackie Haverty
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Mental Benefits
  • Promotes neuroplasticity
  • Slows down brain activity
  • Subdues stress and triggers human growth hormone (HGH)
  • Increases confidence, joy, enthusiasm, and self- worth
  • Lights up your mind
  • Increases ability to concentrate
Physical Benefits
  • Lowers risks for obesity and overeating
  • Calms the endocrine system
  • Reduces your risk for heart attack and stroke
  • Helps with falling asleep and sleep quality
  • Decreases inflammatory disorders
  • Builds a stronger immune system
Emotional Benefits
  • Greater emotional resilience
  • Significantly improves depressive mood
  • Improves recovery from emotional trauma
  • Reduces chronic pain
  • Reduces fatigue and exhaustion
  • A greater ability to feel connected to spiritual beings.
Did you know?
"Deep listening is miraculous for both listener and speaker. When someone receives us with open-hearted, non-judging, intensely interested listening, our spirits expand"
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