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There are many ways to heal yourself and we’re on a mission to provide you with meaningful resources to help you, such as articles and courses on all the benefits of our practices. These can also help you understand which practice area may be best suited for you.

We also make it easy for you to choose the right practitioner by providing a detailed profile page for all 250 of our practitioners, where you can read about their background, specialities, their pricing, their availability and professional statements.

You can learn more about their practices or even read reviews on how other customers feel about them (and please make sure to review them as well).

However, if you use your inner compass, you’ll know exactly who to choose from our list of the finest practitioners (while also earning reward points during the process!) Only you can select the right practitioner for your particular needs, and sometimes it may take multiple practitioners across various practices to completely heal yourself.

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We have a curated list of practitioners from all over the U.S. and other countries as well!

Based on this list, you can book appointments with any practitioner listed on our platform.

We’re constantly growing this list by adding more practitioners who want to help you on your spiritual journey. You can book video sessions with practitioners for all practices (except acupuncture and integrative medicine), which are proven to be just as powerful and effective.

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You just simply sign in to your Begin to Heal account to change your scheduled appointments.

You have 24 hours prior to the session time, to make any alterations, as your appointment will be locked afterwards.

This policy ensures that our practitioners’ calendars stay accurate and trustworthy for others who depend on them for healing.

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You can message practitioners directly on our platform to ask questions.
We understand that keeping in touch with your practitioner is important. That’s why we designed the Begin to Heal platform to be all-inclusive and hassle-free!

The 2 main benefits for you when booking through us:
1). Every session earns you points that help you get Membership Benefits
2). We promptly help you resolve any disputes that might come up with the practitioner

Also, please keep in mind that practitioners do not share their contact information.

If you have questions prior to booking the appointment, there are 2 ways to gain clarity:
1.)Simply schedule a free audio/ video call with the practitioner through our platform
2.)Message them to ask a (short and sweet) question through their profile page

If you’re doing a video session, you can easily keep in touch with your practitioner on our website’s built-in messaging and video platform.

If you are attending an in-person session, however, you’ll receive an email with the address and phone number of your practitioner prior to your appointment date.

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In the rare occasion that a practitioner has to cancel for personal reasons, the practitioner or our team will email you as soon as possible to let you know about the scheduling change.

We’ll also personally assist you in finding a new appointment time to make up for the inconvenience.

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We don’t recommend any one practitioner because we all have different needs, and only you can choose the right practitioner. Fortunately, we have 250 practitioners to choose from!

However, we do feature individual practitioners regularly in our monthly newsletter, "Nourish Your Soul".

We also feature 3 practitioners every month below the Practice Page. This way, you can find out more about their backgrounds and can even visit their their profiles directly.

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Yes! Once you receive the email confirmation for an appointment, you can easily save it directly from the mail by clicking on the calendar sync icons.

To make it even easier, all appointments are automatically scheduled in your local time!

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They’re extremely effective and powerful! 

In fact, most practitioners have a thriving online practice and actually work with more people through online video than in person.

It's a proven and powerful medium for all our practices!

Try it and receive healing in the comfort of your home!

You will be pleasantly surprised at how effective and powerful it is.

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Steps to activate video/ audio call at the time of your session.

1. Log into your BTH account on and then click on the "Appointment" tab

2. Click on the Session Title for the relevant appointment then click on "START VIDEO CALL" (this will show only after practitioner has activated link first few minutes before the appointment time)

3. Link will open in a new tab ( You can share this URL link with another user for a group call)

4. Click on  "Join using browser" and allow the browser to access your camera & earphones

5. Click on the Green Phone icon to start video calls. Make sure volume on your device is not on mute.

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It depends on the course.

Each online course is pre-recorded and made available to you at your convenience, so that you can learn in the pace that you’d like.

After purchasing a course you’ll receive new modules via email, daily or weekly, depending on the course.

It can also be a one time download for some courses, which you can access from your Member Profile Page.

We have curated some of the most amazing online courses for you, straight from the best practitioners. Enjoy!

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You get a reward point for every dollar you spend. Therefore $1 = 1 reward point.

You also get an impressive 50 reward points for every person you refer and your friend gets 50 points as well. So be sure to refer

These points are added directly to your account once your friend makes his or her first transaction on Begin to Heal.

Gathering reward points allows you to reach 3 different membership levels with valuable perks.
For more information on membership levels please see “What are membership levels?

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As a valued member of the Begin to Heal Family, we want to thank you for your loyalty with membership levels – tied to reward points.

There are 3 membership levels, and for each tier we offer more and more specific perks.

See all the perks for each level below:

1 FREE Guided Meditation Newsletter Access
1 FREE Guided Meditation 1 FREE Webinar 1 Session with any Practitioner at 20% off Newsletter Access
1 FREE Guided Meditation 1 FREE Webinar 1 FREE session with any Practitioner (up to $125 value) Invites to Exclusive Events Newsletter Access

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When you reach a certain reward point threshold, you’ll automatically earn a membership level.

The purpose of reward points is to allow you to reach a membership level, and each one give you pre-determined perks.

For more information on membership levels please see “What are membership levels?”

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Yes. Your points work similarly to airline benefits, meaning that after 12 months they reset to zero.

Be sure to get the most out of them before they expire!

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This could indicate an issue with your account.

Please make sure that all your information is up to date. If the issue still persists or you need further assistance, please contact our Tech Team at:

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Yes, if it violates our Begin to Heal guidelines and we consider it harmful.
We will not post your review if it includes:

  • Profanity: We won’t publish anything profane, vulgar, or otherwise offensive.
  • Personal information: We take your privacy seriously! We won’t post reviews that include personally identifiable information such as your full name, phone number, email address, etc.
  • Accuracy of treatment: We encourage you to share how you were treated as a customer by the practitioner. However, we don’t publish claims regarding the accuracy of a practitioner’s treatment and diagnosis because they are factual matters which we’re unable to verify.

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No. The key is being authentic in your reviews!

We’re looking for constructive and useful feedback that we can all rely on.

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Yes, we make sure that each review is fair and aligned with our guidelines.

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Keep it relevant and to the point. Make it easy to read for anybody.

Would you see this Practitioner again? This is one of the best ways that other customers can gauge your overall sentiment about the practitioner.

Also, describing specific parts of your experience can help paint a clearer picture.

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Thank you for being amazing and taking the time to leave a review. You make it easier for others to make a wise choice.

Since we moderate all of our reviews (which can take up to a day), they may not become visible immediately.

Please do check back after 24 hours and it should be visible. If you still can’t find your review, please contact our Care Team at:

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Easy – just click here to reset it! Resest Password or contact us at

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We’re so happy to hear that!

Connect with us on our social media and let others know why you love Begin to Heal!

Our channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

Leave reviews on the site, like our articles, share our articles on your social media page or refer a friend

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In order for your family member or friend to enjoy your act of generosity, be sure to check the checkbox that states: “send as gift” as you are checking out.

After that, you will simply provide the recipient’s email address to send them a thoughtful gift from Begin to Heal.

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Congratulations on being so thoughtful!

Your recipient has to sign up for Begin to Heal in order to use it (sign up only takes 30 seconds).

Once they have an account they’ll be able to use your gift.

You can also directly send them this link to sign up, so that they’ll be able to enjoy the other wonderful benefits of Begin to Heal as well! Click Here

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Thank you for your interest in listing on Begin to Heal!

Becoming a practitioner is easy. Please email us on to schedule a time to speak with someone on our team. You will sign the contract with us offline and then you access the “List Your Practice” section on the Begin to Heal website and follow the instructions Click here

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You may submit your materials through your personal profile within the Practitioner Portal.

From there, everything will be approved by the Begin to Heal Editorial Team.

Are you a practitioner who would like to join Begin to Heal? Click here!

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Once your profile receives 50 reviews with a 5 star rating, you’ll be rewarded with a Preferred Practitioner Badge.

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Yes. We require our practitioners to accept all appointments as a way to keep customer experience positive. If you have any other suggestions or experience to report, please contact our Practitioner Assistance Team at:

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Yes! Once you receive the email confirmation for an appointment, you can easily save it directly from the mail by clicking on the calendar sync icons.

To make it even easier, all appointments are automatically scheduled in your local time!

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We would love to partner with you! For inquiries, please contact:

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Thank you for your interest in our platform! For inquiries, please contact:

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Disclaimer   :-   Begin To Heal, LLC is not a healthcare provider.We are an online technology platform.We do not provide traditional medicine or any alternative therapies. We do not provide healthcare advice and do not represent any healthcare or alternative medicine providers. We make no professional endorsements of any providers. Our platform makes it convenient for users to find practitioners who provide alternative therapies such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Life coaching, Healing Therapies,Ayurveda/Naturopathy/Herbology, Meditation, Nutrition Therapy and Yoga. All practitioners listed on our platform are independent agents.
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