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Begin to Heal is an online platform, your trusted source on Holistic Healing

Begin to Heal is an online platform, your trusted source on Holistic Healing, where those in search of optimal health and wellness can book video, audio, or in-person sessions with a curated list of practitioners from across the country. Our list includes over 200 highly qualified professionals, M.D.s, keynote speakers in conferences and celebrated authors

In your quest for a conscious lifestyle to help you discover the marvelous benefits of Holistic healing and to make it easy for you connect with the best practitioners and read reviews on them. You can even do these sessions from the comfort of your home, with practitioners from around the world, through our state-of-the-art video calling feature for many of our practices.

Begin to Heal is also an online oasis of soulfully written articles, online courses, guided meditations and daily webinars from leading practitioners to calm your mind, energize your body and nourish your soul. BTH is committed to providing only the very best resources for your mental, physical, and spiritual growth It is only when we view ourselves from a holistic perspective that we realize that health is really an overall state of being. Holistic healing believes that the whole person is made up of interdependent parts and if one part is not working properly, all the other parts will be affected. In this way, if you have imbalances (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in your lives, it can negatively affect your overall health

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Holistic medicine focuses on the inner workings of the most advanced system in the universe: your body. Holistic Healing is also based on the belief that all people have innate healing powers and that the ultimate goal of holistic healing is wholeness. Holistic Healing is quickly taking over Western medicine as it considers the entire person, unlocks your body’s own healing mechanism , the treatment aims to identify the root cause of an imbalance and the effects of the treatment last longer without the side effects that come with Western Medicine. Whether you're interested in specific holistic healing practices or want to learn about new ones, you can find out all about holistic living right here

Our Founders Journey

Hi, I’m Pooja, the Founder of Begin to Heal and let me share with you my story on how holistic healing came into my life. For 14 years I’ve been a Strategy and Business Development executive, working with Fortune 500 companies such as American Express, Microsoft, IBM, Wipro, and Pepsi.

Although I enjoyed a nice living and felt invincible, due to my extreme worklife I developed adrenal fatigue in 2013, which made me completely reconsider my past way of life. After trying countless doctors from New York to India - without any meaningful improvement - I was finally introduced to the wondrous world of holistic healing, and this changed everything.

When I finally managed to get all of my strength back, I decided to dedicate my life to creating a premier online marketplace for holistic healing, and changing as many lives in the process as possible. Begin to Heal was born with the mission to help people find the best holistic health practitioners, and to be a trusted source in all holistic practices.

Start your journey in holistic healing today and the universe will arrange itself on your behalf!

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Disclaimer   :-   Begin To Heal, LLC is not a healthcare provider.We are an online technology platform.We do not provide traditional medicine or any alternative therapies. We do not provide healthcare advice and do not represent any healthcare or alternative medicine providers. We make no professional endorsements of any providers. Our platform makes it convenient for users to find practitioners who provide alternative therapies such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Life coaching, Healing Therapies,Ayurveda/Naturopathy/Herbology, Meditation, Nutrition Therapy and Yoga. All practitioners listed on our platform are independent agents.
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