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Can you imagine yourself bursting with energy as you enjoy long-lasting, vibrant health?  Imagine tuning out the world’s noise and chaos, and re-establishing the balance between your body, mind, and soul.  Now you finally can. We created BTH to help you on your path towards holistic health. Choose from over 200 curated holistic wellness practitioners from all over  the country and experience the incredible rejuvenating power of holistic healing. You can do in-person sessions in the Greater New York City area or even online video sessions right from the quiet comfort of your home.

We have curated 200+ amazing practitioners, celebrated authors, keynote speakers and M.D.s to personally help you gain that perfectly balanced health you’ve always dreamed about.
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BTH empowers you with unprecedented choice so you can effortlessly find THE perfect practitioner for your needs, in a matter of minutes. Easily compare practices, read reviews, and gain life-changing insights on the inner working of the most advanced system in the universe: your body. Whatever ailment you might be dealing with, you’re likely to experience an incredible boost to your overall health and wellbeing.

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Anxiety Stress PTSD
39 Articles
1 Practitioner
Grief & Depression
30 Articles
0 Practitioner
Obesity & Eating Disorders
14 Articles
0 Practitioner
Relationship Issues
38 Articles
0 Practitioner
Chronic Fatigue
18 Articles
0 Practitioner
Chronic Headaches
14 Articles
0 Practitioner
Suicidal Thoughts & Survivors
19 Articles
0 Practitioner
Addictions & Substance Abuse
15 Articles
0 Practitioner
Auto Immune Disorders
13 Articles
0 Practitioner
Cancer Care & Support
9 Articles
1 Practitioner
A.D.D. & A.D.H.D
8 Articles
0 Practitioner
Parkinson’s Disease
2 Articles
0 Practitioner
We match you with expert practitioners for your overall wellness and growth.
Fitness & Nutrition
19 Articles
0 Practitioner
Spiritual Growth & Healing
56 Articles
0 Practitioner
Sleeping Disorders
14 Articles
0 Practitioner
Coaching & Mentorship
44 Articles
0 Practitioner
Nutrition & Health
Energy & Healing
Life & Spiritual Coaching
Integrative & Functional Medicine
Homeopathy & Ayurveda
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